Monday, October 03, 2011

Causing Havoc by Lori Foster caused havoc with me!!

Causing Havoc (SBC Fighters, #1)Causing Havoc by Lori Foster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

the synopsis
Lori Foster brings her signature strengths -- great humor, engaging characters, and sizzling passion -- to this contemporary love story and family drama. It centers around extreme fighter Dean "Havoc" Connor, a self-reliant, rolling-stone kind of guy, whose world turns upside down with one letter from his sister, Cam. He hasn't seen her since he was eight, when their parents were killed in a car crash; he was dispatched to live with his uncle Grover while his two younger sisters got to stay at home in Harmony, Kentucky, with their aunt Lorna.

Who had the most dysfunctional upbringing? Havoc is about to find out when he goes to Harmony to save Cam from a bad marriage and rescue Jacki, the younger sister, from a downward path. His hard-wired avoidance of entanglements goes right down the drain when he meets his sisters and falls hard for Cam's best friend, Eve, who's resolutely single and more than a little bit hot. The evolution of the Connor siblings from strangers to family is heartwarming, as is the transition of Havoc from tough-guy loner to man in love.

My review
I really enjoyed this book. Dean was an interesting person and watching how his relationship with his sisters progressed was sweet. The whole relationship dynamic was well explored in this story, from body confidence issues to independence issues. I also loved the twist at the end. This was a sizzling story about people I could relate to and cared about and I am looking forward to reading Simon's,(Dean's agent),story.

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