Saturday, October 15, 2011

City Falcon by Feliz Faber resonated deeply with me.

City FalconCity Falcon by Feliz Faber

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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The synopsis
New York, 1994
What on earth is a live falcon doing in the middle of JFK airport? The answer to this question brings PAPD officer Mark Bowman face to face with falconer Hunter Devereaux, right in the middle of a fascinating field experiment using falcons to keep runways free of nuisance birds. The falcons are intriguing, but it’s arrogant, out-and-proud Hunter himself who really rubs Mark the right kind of wrong. Too bad Mark can’t act on the attraction: he’s deeply in the closet, and since he wants to keep his job, that’s where he's determined to stay.

However, every time their paths cross, Hunter gets a little deeper under Mark’s skin, until Mark can’t deny his feelings any longer. Giving in to his desire makes Mark happier than he can remember being, but Hunter isn't willing to hide their relationship forever. If they’re going to make a life together work, something has to give. Someday soon Mark will have to choose, or life will make the choice for him before he’s ready for it.

My review
I found this story fascinating as I remember sexuality being openly discriminated against. I remember having to hide my sexual orientation so it resonated deeply with me. The story was emotionally charged and painted a very realistic picture of the time and was beautifully executed. For me though it ended to abruptly and let me wanting to know what happened next and in turn loosing some points for me because up until the end I was totally engaged with the story so was left disappointed by the end. Having said that I would still read the book again because the journey was worth it.

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