Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Man Within by Lora Leigh is hot and heavy.

The Man Within (Breeds, #2; Feline Breeds, #2)The Man Within by Lora Leigh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Blurb
He had protected her as a child, filled all her teenaged fantasies and stole her womanly heart, only to break it.

Now, fifteen months later, the news has released. The man she loves is one of the genetically altered Feline Breeds who have shocked the world with their presence. He's also her mate. The mark on her neck attests to that. The fire that rages in her heart and in her body further proves it. But he hadn't wanted her then. Does he really want her now?

Deceit and treachery born in the past, now haunt the present as Taber and Roni fight to make sense of their sudden bonding, the mating of heart, body and soul. Taber must battle the forces raging against his union with the woman he has claimed as the man and beast within begin to merge.

My Thoughts
I cant get enough of this series.

This is tense and frantic story that drags you along with it kicking and screaming, and boy is the ride worth it. The story is not and exciting and leave it on 2 cliff hangers, one leads to another instalment and the other to a plot point in another book.

My only complaint is that the paternity is not completely resolved, I know it will be in another book but, as I have said before, I am greedy.

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