Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wow Welcome to my 100 follower give-away.

As promised here is my very first give-away to celebrate getting to 100 followers.

Hotshot: Hotshot\Going For It (Harlequin Blaze)Hotshot:  by Jo Leigh
The Blurb
Subject: Captain Luke "Solo" Carnes.
Current Status: On temporary assignment.

Mission: Public recruitment and saving his ex's tail!

Obstacle: He wants much, much more than that…

Sara Weston, an Air Force Captain herself, needs a pilot for her recruitment program, and fast. And she's found the perfect candidate. Top gun pilot Luke Carnes is qualified, charismatic and available. Problem #1—he's ridiculously hot. Problem #2— he broke Sara's heart years ago…

But she'll be professional. Just as long as she's never close to him. Never under his gaze. And never in his bed.

Then again, never is a long, long time…

So how do you get the Harlequin Blaze anniversary edition of Hotshot by Jo Leigh.

Simple just fill out the form below and the keep your fingers crossed.
This give-away is open to UK,USA and Canada only

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  1. I really like your writing and the general idea of your blog, I've noticed it some time before thanks to Entrecard. So I am definitely one of your admirers :). Kisses and good luck.

  2. I really enjoyed finding your blog. It is great.
    Patti P
    musicalfrog at

  3. Thank you Unikorna and Patti xx

    It was brought to my attention that some people were not able to leave comments. I have resolved the issue.

    Thank you for your support and good luck xx


  4. Yay for your first giveaway! Hotshot sounds fab, cheers for the opportunity :-)

    I'm hoping to set a giveaway up myself soon, once i figure out how everything works lol.


  5. I have been a fan of Blaze for awhile now, avid Leslie Kelly fan. Many great authors, I will read their books no matter what.

  6. Hey new follower: Proserpine! I don't know this series but I would like to read it! Thanks for the giveaway! Congrats for your 100 followers!


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