Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keata's Promise by Lynn Hagen is beautiful and funny and full of promise.

Where did I get this book? This is my own e-book.

Keata's Promise (Brac Pack, #7)Keata's Promise by Lynn Hagen

My rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket I really liked this!

This is the summary off the back of the book.
Young, naive Keata Kia was kidnapped from Japan along with his cousin and three other young men. Struggling to make a home in America, he discovers the men who took him in are wolf shifters-and one of them is his mate. Unfortunately, Keata's mate has refused to claim him. If the human remains unclaimed, there is no shortage of eager wolves ready to step in to teach the beautiful and innocent Keata a thing or two about making love. When Keata is kidnapped and it's discovered the prince of vampires has him, Keata's wolf goes crazy, ready to kill every vampire in the area. But the wolf's plans change when it's discovered Keata has a little secret that now has everyone scrambling to protect his life.

This is what I think of the book.
Ever since Keata has entered the Brac pack books I have been trying to workout who his mate was,
and I have to say I was rooting for Tank as he is my favourite wolf but it was not to be. This story was not only exciting and heart wrenching in places but it also introduced vampires into the mix and I was a little dubious about this but it worked we shall have to see if it keep working. I am trying very hard not to give away who his mate is so I shall say no more except this, if you are like me and have bought all of these be prepared to buy more ;)

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Have you read this book?? What did you think? What rating would you give it?