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Give-away: Flux and Ring of fire.

this months give-aways are

FluxTitle: Flux
Author: Mark R Faulkner
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Part of a series: No.
Length: 286 Pages
Publisher: Self Published.
Release Date: 20 March 2012
This book was: Kindle donated by the author for this give-away.
Iain is looking forward to the weekend when a number nineteen bus shatters his body, but broken bones are the least of his worries. In this disturbing, yet darkly funny novel, Iain’s near death experience is not a vision of exquisite godliness with light at the end of a tunnel. Instead he experiences a place of darkness and heat, inhabited by foul creatures, the sounds of suffering and a beast. During a long recovery Iain becomes plagued by nightmares and premonitions, shadowy apparitions, a magpie, and a vile old man. They all have a message, that something wants Iain and it won't give up easily. Iain’s friends do their best to cheer him up in ways they know how, until the unexpected events of one sunny afternoon mean that he is on his own, caught up in the age old battle of good versus evil

Ring of FireTitle: Ring of Fire
Author: Noelle M. Kalipetis
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Part of a series: No
Length: 310 Pages.
Release Date: 21 August 2011
This book was: Kindle donated by the author for this give-away
Lana Williams's life is tough enough without having to deal with things that don't exist. Between surviving the day-to-day abuses of a drug-crazed mother and the unwanted attention of the school bully, she's got her hands full, and there's not time to deal with the strange images she sees in the mirror one day, visions of a past in flames, a future in trouble.

But Lana's going to have plenty of time on her hands soon enough, especially when those hands start making things move, shatter, and even catch fire. And she's not alone.

Lana's got to learn just how real these impossible things are--and fast--if she's going to survive.

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