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Review: A Dillon Sandwich by Joyee Flynn

A Dillon Sandwich (The O'Hagan Way, #1)Title: A Dillon Sandwich
Author: Joyee Flynn
Genre: Same Sex Paranormal Romance.
Part of a series: Yes, The O'Hagan Way, #1
Length: 129 Pages.
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Inc.
Release Date: 6 December 2010
This book is from: My won e-book collection.
Shane O'Hagan has never seen a warrior before. When one comes to the family farm, he's shocked at how sexy the large warrior is. But not as shocked as he is by the knowledge that this gorgeous man is his mate. Well, his and his twin Sean's mate, that is.

When Dillon Dragos is sent to Ireland by the council to help with a suspected demon nest, he's in for the ride of his life. Dillon is thrilled to find out he has sexy little twins as his mates. But will they be willing to leave their family and Ireland to come back with Dillon to America? Or will he have to leave them behind?

My review

This is a spin off from The Marius Brother's series and I have to say Yum.
If you can get past the hockey accent she has tried to write it, and believe me when I say it is hockey and then some, the story is really hot. we met Dillon in book 2 of the Marius Brothers series and so we already know he has an ass for a father so it comes as no surprise when his father shows just what an ass he is. This is a really sweet story about family and is a great opener to this spin off series. Here we have 5 sets of twins and each set will have 1 mate.

Watching Dillon and his mates work things out is a treat and I have to say had it not been a hot read I would have got really annoyed at the accent as it comes off as a bit derogatory, I am not sure the author has really heard the Northern Irish accent, the Da and Ma is about the only bit that felt right. OK rant over I did like the book and will be reading more in this series as we get a taster during this one of book 2 and yes I have bought it already!!

My Rating:


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