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Review: Wolf Town Mates by Joely Skye

Wolf Town MatesTitle: Wolf Town Mates
Author: Joely Skye
Genre: Same Sex Paranormal Romance
Part of a series: Yes,  Wolf Town #1-3
Length: 240 Pages.
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, LTD
Release Date: 1 May 2012
This book is from: My own book collection.
The wildest heart can’t outrun love.

Wolf Town
After years of hiding from other mind controllers, loneliness drives Scott to break his own rule and allow himself to fall asleep in a stranger’s arms. Rory’s been keeping an eye on Scott for his pack alpha. Seduction wasn’t part of the plan, but now maintaining distance isn’t an option. No matter how far or fast Scott runs…

Push Pull
For Rory, life is all about connections. But for Scott, connections spell danger—for himself and everyone he cares about. The bottom line is, Scott has only a small window of time to treasure every moment with his lover. Yet when a shadow from the past inevitably appears, he discovers he can’t just cut and run.

Moon Run
Wolf Town never quite felt like home to Iain—until he bonds with Teo. Yet the scars of his past mangle his declaration of love. The young wolf’s fumbling explanation for his attraction only serves to remind Teo why it’s a bad idea to date within the pack.

Teo’s apparent rejection not only breaks Iain’s heart, it triggers a deep-seated desperation that pushes him to take a terrible chance to show Teo their shared link is no illusion.

My review

I won this book on Good Reads and the author was kind enough to sign it too. So I thought I would read it and see if it was as good as it looked and I have to say that it is.
The first two are about the same couple and I have to say Scott is a sweet little thing and I felt really sorry for him. Rory was just the right kind of man to bring him out of his shell. But the thing that I really liked was that the boundaries that Scott imposed stayed and were not pushed or made a big deal of, it showed real care and made me want to read more about the world Rory was from so when it came to part three I was hooked. Part 3 is about Iain, who I have to say I thought was a jerk in part 1, and in this part we get to see who he really is. We get a good hint at the end of part 2 so it was nice to get into his head and see why he did what he did. Teo has his own issues and once he stops over thinking things we get to see a really hot couple. I think there is another story here too with Teo's past alpha but as to whether we will get to hear about that I don't know. Maybe I will email the author and ask...

I did email the author and let her know I liked her book and asked if she would be writing more Wolf town books. This was her answering email:

I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! Thank you for letting me know.

I don't have any immediate plans when it comes to more stories set in Wolf Town by Joely Skye. (I also write m/f as Jorrie Spencer, and have a book out set there.)

But I do imagine I'll return to it. Unfortunately, I can't give you specifics as I don't yet know them!

Thank you for asking though.

All the best,

Joely Skye
Running Wild coming June 19

My Rating:


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