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Review: Bend by Bailey Bradford

Bend (Love In Xxchange, #3)Title: Bend
Author: Bailey Bradford
Genre: Same Sex Contemporary Romance.
Part of a series: Yes, Love In Xxchange, #3
Length: 142 Pages.
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Release Date: 1 August 2011
This book is from: My own e-book collection.
Annabelle Calhoun has always been too strong to break, but now she’s going to have to bend if she wants to keep the love that’s unexpectedly come into her life.

Annabelle Calhoun had always been proud of her independence. She didn’t need a man in her life for any longer than a night, and even then, it was her way or the highway. Seeing her brother Rory in a loving monogamous relationship didn’t sway her, neither did the love between her bunkhouse mates, Max and Bo. She didn’t want anything other than a good time from a man.

But two men—she’s been there, done that, but these two men, Justin and Evan, want something more than one night. Together, they just might be enough to make Annabelle bend.

My review

I have been looking forward to this book since we met Annabelle in book 1, she was so feisty, stubborn and brave that I really wanted to know more about her and if I am honest I did wonder how she would fit into a M/M romance series.
So I expected hot steamy sex and yes we got that and as this is bailey Bradford I expected to be taken on emotional journey and I got that too but what took me by surprise was the beauty in this book. I thought this was just going to be a bit of a sex fest, now don't get me wrong I like a sex fest, but this went beyond that it tapped into the emotional heart of everyone in the story and we got to see side of characters I love that were hidden. I also have to say this book was the most erotic book of the series so far, Bailey Bradford's no holds barred approach bring something to the table that it just addictive and real, it takes hold of your heart and wont let go. This is a frank an honest look at an unconventional relationship saying loud and clear that love works differently for us all and should be celebrated when it is found even when it does not fit with what we see as a traditional format, when all the participants are consenting adults who are we to judge. Best of all the authors does all this with out preaching and gives us a story that will stay with us for a very long time!!

My Rating:


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  1. Great post. Interesting book. Will have to put these on my list to read.

  2. I love your review! It definitely makes me want to check this book out :)

  3. Your reviews always make me want to run out and get the book. Again love the cover on this one!!

  4. Kerry, once again you got me with the quote....I can always find a smile on your page. thanks.
    Peace, good, and a little karmablogger love....

  5. New follower! Visiting via Drop it like it's hot hop. I love the review. Haven't heard of the book before, but I plan to check it out now!

  6. Thank you for visiting the book is really good so are all the books by this author.


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