Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Review: Bounty by Hank Edwards

Title: Bounty
Author: Hank Edwards
Genre: Same Sex Zombie Western
Part of a series: Yes, Venom Valley #1
Length: 192 pages
Publisher: Hank Edwards, via Smashwords
Release Date: September 6th 2011
This book is from: My own e-book collection
In the small frontier town of Belkin’s Pass, Josh Stanton’s past has kept him from being accepted by the town’s population. Raised by the local school teacher after his mother vanished one dark night, Josh has made only one true friend the fifteen years he’s lived there: Dexter Wells.

When a tragedy teaches Josh he has the ability to raise the dead, he becomes a wanted man and flees on horseback into the arid plains of Venom Valley. Pursued by Dex, a town deputy, the two realize their friendship has deepened into love and they struggle to move forward without destroying their bond of friendship.

At the town saloon, the One-Eyed Rooster, a powerful stranger stalks the girls who work there, feeding on their blood in the night. Glory, a half white, half Indian saloon girl, depends on her Native American protective spirit, Ohanzee, to keep her safe as she battles to keep her only friend, Edith, from falling prey to the night stalker.

My review

This was my very first western, actually my very first zombie western too and I have to say to start with I was a bit dubious because I am not a fan of historical stuff.
But this had a charm all of it's own and won me over very quickly. I loved the people and I love the premiss. This had me on the edge of my seat and OMG don't get me started on the ending!!!! Talk about cliff hanger!! Its a very cleaver ending really because it is guaranteed to make you buy the next book just to find out what happens to our hero's. Very sneaky but it works because I will be waiting with baited breathe for book 2.

My Rating:


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  1. Oooh looks like a western and also not one of your normal reads?

  2. No I don't normally read anything that is set after 1980 even that's pushing it a bit but the cover caught my eye and then I was told it had vampires and zombies too and I just could not not read it after that ;)

  3. Sounds interesting. My dad would love this and I will make sure I tell him about it.


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