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Updated Review: Jaguar Mate by S.A. Welsh, with a exclusive note from the author.

Updated due to author correspondence
Title: Jaguar Mate
Author: S.A. Welsh
Genre: Same Sex Paranormal Romance.
Part of a series: Yes, Pack Valley #1
Length: 75 pages
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Release Date: November 27th 2010
This book is from: My own e-book collection.
Still living with the memories of his mother’s death and subjected to the violent abuse from his stepdad Jay almost loses his mind when he’s attacked by his nemesis who turns into a bear! One identical to the grizzly bear that killed his mother years ago. The last thing he needs is to find out that Pack Valley is much weirder than it seems or that his first love Kyle and his family have a tendency to purr when happy.

Everything crashes together one night- from bullies and abusers getting what they deserve to a black jaguar protecting and claiming his mate. Can Jay deal with being claimed by his best friend or will fear of rejection stop him taking a chance?

My Review

I have 3 words to say about this book... OH... MY.... GOD!!!!!
This book garbed me by the throat and kept my blood pumping to the very last page and left me begging.. yes begging for more. This is the start of a series and as of 22/June/2012 it is the only one published yet. I am waiting patiently, OK maybe not so patiently, for book 2. I predict that this series will be HUGE and because I am just bouncing up and down waiting for book 2 I will email the author and see if I can get us the skinny on book 2!!!!

My Rating:


I did email and this is the reply I got.

Hello Kerry,
Thank you very much for taking the time to email me. I cant tell you when exactly it is due for publication because I want to be able to have a shorter gap between books 2 and 3 and I am currently working it out with the publishers now. I CAN tell you that book two will be Jay and Kyle as will book three BUT there will be intorduction of new characters ready for the fourth book which will also leave room for other stories and later series as well. I hope this answers your questions.
Thank you again,

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  1. Seems like an interesting book but I'm not sure that it's really my taste. The guy on the cover looks EXACTLY like a guy I used to work with, though.

  2. Okay now need to add another book to my tbr list that is already huge... hehe.. Thanks for your post..

  3. Woah, this sounds intense. I need to put this on my reading list!


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