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Geekomancy by Michael R. Underwood Review

Review writen by: Shieka

Clerks meets Buffy the Vampire the Slayer in this original urban fantasy eBook about Geekomancers—humans that derive supernatural powers from pop culture. Ree Reyes’s life was easier when all she had to worry about was scraping together tips from her gig as a barista and comicshop slave to pursue her ambitions as a screenwriter.

When a scruffy-looking guy storms into the shop looking for a comic like his life depends on it, Ree writes it off as just another day in the land of the geeks. Until a gigantic “BOOM!” echoes from the alley a minute later, and Ree follows the rabbit hole down into her town’s magical flip-side. Here, astral cowboy hackers fight trolls, rubber-suited werewolves, and elegant Gothic Lolita witches while wielding nostalgia-powered props.

Ree joins Eastwood (aka Scruffy Guy), investigating a mysterious string of teen suicides as she tries to recover from her own drag-your-heart-through-jagged-glass breakup. But as she digs deeper, Ree discovers Eastwood may not be the knight-in-cardboard armor she thought. Will Ree be able to stop the suicides, save Eastwood from himself, and somehow keep her job?
Book: Geekomancy
Author: Michael R. Underwood
Published: July 10,2012
Publisher: PocketStar
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss

My Review

The cover of this book was spectacular. The colors popped and drew me in and the image of the girl on the front fit so well with the story. She just looked she was ready for her inner geek to break out. She looked so cool and like she had a way about her. I loved everything about this book and it was a welcome change from the norm. The author did a great job with this story. It had all the elements that I love for my books to have and add in all the major geek factor and it was a sure fire hit.

We start this book out by meeting Ree who works in a book store/coffee shop. She spends her days making coffee and helping out her fellow geek customers. Ree is in love with all things comic and movie related and is proud of her inner geek ways. I loved the character of Ree. She was so witty and funny and also headstrong. She could hold her own with the best of them. Ree doesn't realize how her life is about to change though. She is working when a stranger walks in and things get really weird from here. Ree is later working when she hears a loud noise and goes to investigate. She sees something that shocks her and soon realizes there is more going on in the world than she realized.

Ree meets Eastwood and learns that lots of the things she has seen and read and books are real and she has the gifts to fight them. She starts training with Eastwood to learn how to do things. The author thought of a truly original concept with the abilities that Ree has. It was awesome to watch her watching movies and old TV shows to learn how to fight and solve mysteries. Eastwood was a really complex character with major flaws that endeared him to me even more. He was such a private person that you could tell was really struggling with what he was doing. It was refreshing to see such a vulnerable character. In Ree's working with Eastwood it leads her to meeting Drake.

Drake was such a refreshing old school character. He was truly from the past and held on to all his old ways. I am hoping to see him and Ree have a romantic relationship because I could see their friendship blossoming into that. He was just so sweet and totally swoon worthy. He was one of my favorite characters. Ree, Drake, and Eastwood set out to end the major war that they are involved in and there are many twists and turns along the way. The author did a great job of keeping me sucked in and wanting the story to continue. I found myself truly getting into the character of Ree. There were some major points that I didn't see coming that were a welcome surprise. I won't go into the book any further because I don't want to spoil it.

Overall this was a great read for me. I loved the characters and the concept. The author did an amazing job with all the world building. The research aspect was amazing too because I found myself going down memory lane through the artifacts that were mentioned in the book along with the TV shows that Ree watched. The plot whizzed along and I was surprised to see how fast I finished this book without realizing it. I highly recommend this book to readers who want to get their inner geek on.

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  1. This sounds like something i could totally get into! Thanks for the review!

  2. You are welcome Jennifer. It was my pleasure.

  3. What an interesting twist, the heroine reminds me of myself, I'll have to check it out.


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