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Review by Kerry with author email and give-away: Who We Are by TJ Klune

Review writen by: Kerry
Title: Who We Are
Author: TJ Klune
Genre: Same Sex Contemporary Romance.
Part of a series: Yes, Bear, Otter, and the Kid #2
Length: 329 pages
Format: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: April 26th 2012
Where I got this book: NetGalley, free in exchange for an honest review.
Bear, Otter, and the Kid survived last summer with their hearts and souls intact. They’ve moved into the Green Monstrosity, and Bear is finally able to admit his love for the man who saved him from himself.

But that's not the end of their story. How could it be?

The boys find that life doesn’t stop just because they got their happily ever after. There’s still the custody battle for the Kid. The return of Otter’s parents. A first trip to a gay bar. The Kid goes to therapy, and Mrs. Paquinn decides that Bigfoot is real. Anna and Creed do… well, whatever it is Anna and Creed do. There are newfound jealousies, the return of old enemies, bad poetry, and misanthropic seagulls. And through it all, Bear struggles to understand his mother’s abandonment of him and his brother, only to delve deeper into their shared past. What he finds there will alter their lives forever and help him realize what it'll take to become who they're supposed to be.

Family is not always defined by blood. It’s defined by those who make us whole—those who make us who we are.

My Review

OMFG this book was just.... wow .... I have put off reading this one because I was concerned it would live up to book 1 and I LOVE book 1. I should not have worried though as T J Klune doesn't know the meaning of the word disappoint.
 I will admit when I started reading it after two lines I was thinking NO NO NO you cant do this!! then I realized what was happening and all I could do was laugh so hard I cried, and this happened so many times my sides hurt. I also cried so hard with grief and sadness I got a headache but this book is so worth it. Just like book 1 I felt Bear was sat next to me telling me his story, I was part of the gang and I don't mind telling you T J Klune uses this intimacy as a weapon to make you love these people with all your heart.

This is THE best book of 2012, and yes I know we are only half way through 2012 but you read this book and then I know for a fact you will agree!! and do you know what the best bit is... a little bird told me that Ty is coming back!! OK yes I did email T J Klune and yes I will share.....

Scroll down to see what was said!!

My Rating:


OK I usually just add the authors response to my email but I decided to add my email to T J Klune too so that the response makes sense :)

My email to T J Klune:
I have just this minute finished Who we Are and I have to say WOW and you are one mean man!! I laughed so hard my sides hurt and I cried so hard I looked like a snotty wookie! But I have been left with one big burning question.... Are we getting the Dom and Ty story, please say we are and that it will be soon!!!

As soon as Dom came in I knew he was Tys otter or Ty was his bear so please tell me I won't be left hanging..

A very hopeful Kerry

Ps may I have permission to give a copy of BOTK away with my review of Who We Are. You gave me permission to give a copy away earlier this year and I still have the upub copy from that.
T J Klune's email to me:
Hahaha! Hiya Kerry!

Hope all has been well with you!

I'm glad that you enjoyed visiting with Bear, Otter and the Kid again. I finished Who We Are last October and I miss the hell out of the boys. To answer your question, YES! There will be a third book and it will be Ty and Dom's story. It won't be for a bit as I have to finish up with my current projects before starting with the third book, but I can't wait to go back to them.

And you TOTALLY have my permission to give away a copy of BOATK! I always enjoy being on your review blog and I am humbled you have supported my work as much as you have.

Many thanks,


Well now you know what's coming next.....

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  1. I love your review! The best books are the ones that get your emotions going!

  2. I love it when u read a book and it stirs your emotions. Making u think outside the bottle and you feel so much for the character that they come alive. Awesome review.

  3. Wow, you seemed to really enjoy this book! I hope I win! Thanks so much for posting!

  4. Brilliant review, you make me want to read both books!

  5. Another nice review, sounds like a fantastic book!

  6. LOL, your reaction to this book cracks me up! Thanks for the review!

  7. Thanks for the review, may have to put this one on my TBR list. Sounds kinda interesting.

  8. The book sound wonderful! You peaked my interest. Great review and thank you for the giveaway.

  9. Very interesting sounding story. It is not often that you find a book geared toward those who are environmentally conscious, don't eat meat, and promote kindness to all living things. I have long since thought that this was an untapped area that needed to be reached out to. The kids growing up in those environments need to know that there are other families who make the same life choices and that they are not alone.


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