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Review: Rape Girl by Alina Klein

Review writen by: Kerry
Title: Rape Girl
Author: Alina Klein
Genre: Young Adult.
Part of a series: No.
Length: 132 pages
Format: Kindle Edition.
Publisher: namelos llc
Release Date: June 4th 2012
Where I got this book: Free from NetGalley inexchange for an honest review.
"Hey, look. It’s that girl. That rape girl, right?"

Valerie always wanted to be the smart girl. The pretty girl. The popular girl.

But not the rape girl.

That’s who she is now. Rape Girl. Because everyone seems to think they know the truth about what happened with Adam that day, and they don’t think Valerie’s telling it.

Before, she had a best friend, a crush, and a close-knit family. After, she has a court case, a support group, and a house full of strangers.

The real truth is, nothing will ever be the same.

RAPE GIRL is the compelling story of a survivor who does the right thing and suffers for it. It is also the story of a young woman’s struggle to find the strength in herself to fight back.

My Review

I was interested in how this book would read because of the subject matter. Well I have to say it was a fantastic read, heart wrenching and sad but also up lifting.

I think this book is an important read for all young adults because of how the attack happens and the aftermath Valerie faces. This is an honest look at what the victim goes through and how perspective can make all the difference. This book will break your heart but if you have teenagers, whether they are boys or girls, get them to read this book. It will change their views and teach them some valuable lessons that they need to know and will do it while giving then a real life story that they can relate to. I guess what I am trying to say is this.... READ THIS BOOK!!

My Rating:


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  1. Thanks so much for the review! I've been meaning to check it out, so I am definitely going to add it to my TBR list now. I think the subject matter is definitely an important topic <3

  2. Very touchy subject... It's hard for me to read books like this, but it seems like it's more about her recovery and finding herself again. I'd probably read this story. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. What a horrible subject, yet it sounds as if the novel handles it in an important, empathetic, and timely way-so it's a must-read (and yes, I am well beyond age 18.:) Thank you for posting this review!


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