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Product review & Give-away: NICOmate

Review written by: Kerry

Product Title: NICOmate
Personally used this: Yes
Recommend to a friend: Yes, absolutely!
NICOmate is an industry leader of premium electronic cigarettes. We take pride in providing the highest quality Ecigs on the market today. We are confident that once you try our product, you will understand why we back everything we sell with a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty! Join the countless NICOmate users who have quit smoking traditional cigarettes with our Electronic Cigarette Starter kit.

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My Review

When I was asked to review this product I had no real idea what ECigs were but I thought I would see what all the fuss was about. When it arrived I followed the instructions and then thought OK who can I get to try this for me!! You see I gave up smoking 7 years ago and then got chronic asthma and smoke of any kind just stops my breathing cold. Even standing next to someone who smells of smoke can set my breathing off, so imagine my surprise when I found out that ECigs don't produce smoke at all!!  Now this got me to thinking... I know never good... I miss not being able to smoke as I enjoyed it and only gave up because I stopped enjoying it, mainly because it was so expensive it is hard to enjoy something that is causing financial issues.

Maybe, just maybe this ECig could mean I could smoke? 

Yes, ECigs use water vapour to produce the smoke effect and it is this water vapour that carries this nicotine and flavouring.

OK now I always smoked menthol cigarettes can I still do that with NICOmate?  
Yes that have a variety of flavours, menthol being one of them.

Is it expensive to set up and maintain?
No you can buy starter kits from £20 -£65 and the cartages range from £10 - £20 depending on the make. 1 set of 5 cartages is the equivalent of 100 cigarettes, so it is very cost effective.

So I have been smoking with NICOmate for a couple of months now and I love it!! I don't smell of an ash tray and I don't stink out the house but I do get the enjoyment of smoking. I can have a couple of puff of my ECig and put it down knowing I can go back to it an hour later and it wont have been wasted. I can also smoke anywhere there is a smoking ban, I don't out of respect but I could.  If you smoke this is a real alternative that will save you LOADS of money and if like me you cant smoke due to breathing issues this can give you back your CHOICE!

I now have the choice to smoke and for that I am so grateful, also this way of smoking is much healthier then with tailor made cigarettes, there is no tar and there are no where near as many chemicals and carcinogens that traditional cigarettes have.

I have a starter kit like I received to give-away in it you will get a 2 batteries and a set  5 of  cartages (1 of all the flavours is included)  and the power lead.  It is so simple to use you just screw the cartage to the battery and smoke like you would a traditional cigarette.

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  1. I've seen ones like this advertised. I understand about the smoking, and asthma just isn't any fun.

  2. had to come back an retweet for more chances... This is one giveaway I am determined to win... Thanks gor the giveaway!!!

  3. Lissa's Daughter says,
    Saw my mom enter, so I helped her out with an entry.. hope she wins, she needs to stop smoking. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  4. I found this a great alternative

  5. It does seem like a better alternative. That's why I put my entry in... Plus, I have a grandbaby now. An even better reason to stop! If I win, hope it will help!

  6. This seems like a better alternative to real cigarettes!

  7. it really is, if you cant give up smoking this is a really good alternative too!


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