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Sponsored Review: Death of the Republic by F. Scott Andison

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Book Title: Death of the Republic
Author: F. Scott Andison
Publisher: Harbour Turtle Publications
ISBN: 978-1461001188
The world and especially America is going to hell in a hand basket. The economy is in ruins and people are in despair. Many are actually beginning to entertain the idea that one nation under God just may be the only hope this country has in the political thriller, Death of the Republic, by F. Scott Andison. Set in the near future, Reverend Robert Strong is an Independent presidential candidate who had a surprisingly strong showing in the 2016 election. Backed by his dead sisters husband, the extremely wealthy Colonel Sherman Gale, he is determined to prevail in 2020. Gale believes wholeheartedly, if not fanatically in the need for a Christian president to lead the country. God has even spoken to him, enabling him to concoct The Plan, the implementation of which has put him on the radar of several government agencies. Agent Derek Quincy Chu is sent in undercover to gather information on Gale at his 300,000 acre home known as The Ranch, where it is thought the Colonel is mixing up some nasty chemicals to release on the unbelievers. Chu's cover is blown within minutes and he must make a hasty retreat that astonishes all who see it on the surveillance cameras.

Impressed by his actions, Gale offers Chu a job guarding his brother-in-law and his family, forcing Chu to be assigned anyway after he refuses to leave the FBI. Chu becomes entangled with the Strong family, even saving Roberts wife Dorothy from a suicide bomber in another astonishing display of martial arts skill and discipline that he sadly lacks in his routine FBI work. He is convinced that they know nothing of Gales true character and his plan. Chu also develops strong and dangerous feelings for Gales underage daughter Faith which cause complications when The Plan is set in motion, and the Colonels real agenda is revealed.

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Though the first part of Death of the Republic is a bit slow with a tremendous amount of backstory, it picks up speed and rolls through several plot twists and turns that culminate in a surprise ending that no one could have seen coming.
Andison's debut novel is captivating and entertaining but not overly preachy, drawing both Christians and non-Christians into Chu's crusade to stop The Plan and save the country, if not the world. Read the first book now, and look for the next installment in the series to see if he is successful. Reviews.

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