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Sponsored Review: How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

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How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week
Jenny Perry (Author)
How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week claims that by following this specialized diet, exercise and detox plan, one can quickly lose 10 pounds in a week. The author states that by alternating meals with soup, detox drinks, fruits and vegetables, incorporating daily exercise and drinking plenty of water, the body will rid itself of toxins and shock the system thus allowing for a significant weight loss in a very short amount of time.

Here is how it works

Day 1: Here the reader is given a grocery list, directed to start a sleep log and provided with the rules, if you will, around allowed foods, which are fruits (any kind but bananas) and soup. (recipe provided)

Day 2: Detox begins. No fruits allowed on this day, but vegetables are added and of course soup.

Day 3: Exercise is introduced (30 minutes is recommended) and fruits may once again be consumed along with the vegetables and soup.

Day 4: Here the author explains that the goal of day four is to maintain what the reader has lost so far as well as addressing how he or she feels physically. This is also the last day for detoxing. Fruits, vegetables and exercise are eliminated today making soup and the detox concoction the dieters main staples.

Day 5: The halfway mark. Bananas and skim milk have been added, no vegetables or other fruits, and you guessed it, soup continues to be the main dish. The reader is encouraged to consume up to eight bananas on the premise that energy is going to be needed for the increased exercise today.

Day 6: Meat has been added to the menu, skinless chicken, and there is no limit to quantity. However, fruits are out. (vegetables are still allowed)

Day 7: Final day of the program and weigh in. Exercise remains constant today. Brown rice and bread are added and mental wellbeing is touched on.

Anyone looking to lose weight quickly, and ten pounds is nothing to shake a stick at, this program will do the trick. This is not an easy way to drop ten pounds and I would even go as far to say most who attempt it will fail.

But those who can stay true to the regimen will find the book is very easy to follow, directions are clear and recipes flavorful. The author has added helpful links and techniques as well as carefully stressing to his audience that this is not a long-term option, encouraging his readers to plan a maintenance diet. In short, How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week works for those who can handle its restrictiveness and are disciplined enough to follow through the plan Reviews.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week
Jenny Perry (Author)
ISBN: B004M18YU6

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  2. I have just seen While on This Side's comment and I too thought the same. The Cabbage soup diet is very similar. This isn't one for me though I don't like soup, I do not think there would be sufficient calories in a day to exercise too. People doing this would probably feel tired and lethargic most of the time.
    I worry about these "Lose weight quick" diets as the weight might well drop off in a week but you cannot live on that forever which means as soon as you stop and start eating proper meals again even healthy meals you will regain some of the weight you lost.

  3. LIke you I don't have the will power to be this strict with myself.

  4. This sound SO Similar to the cabbage soup diet. Did you try it? If so, what were your results? I don't know if I would have the discipline to do this. In fact, this may motivate me to exercise instead!

  5. I am trying to put weight on and I have to say I have no will power at all so can't resist cake and chocolate!!

  6. I would never attempt something like this, it doesn't sound very healthy. I'm guessing this is something for the celebrities who need to drop 10 for a photo shoot or something??

  7. I'm a skeptic...would love to know someone who tried it. Thanks!
    Happy day to you.
    Peace and good.

  8. I'm so gonna try this! I've got about 30 baby weight pounds to lose!

  9. this sounds interesting..thanks for sharing =]


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