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Reviews By Tim: Rushing through fall part 2

As we get to the end of the month, I begin to think of family and the issues that fill our daily lives. Most of us have at least one novel in us if only we had the writing skills and desire to share it. And far more folks do than we realize. Of course there are books. But there are also songs written and scrapbooking done that include telling these stories. And let’s not ever forget that grandparent or great uncle or aunt who loves to tell tales of “when we were younger” and everyone in the house turns a careful ear to catch the details. Enjoy life this Thanksgiving season and if for no other reason, give thanks that you are here to be able to give thanks.

Francey's nightmares are a very real cause for concern. So graphic, and so terrifying have they become, that the next one could mean her death. A search for the key to their unraveling leads her straight into the teeth of a web of intrigue so insidious that it has remained undetected for three and a half centuries; whereupon the path stops dead in its tracks at the gravesites of Lady Susan Sebastian and Edward Delaney. What possible connection could Francey have with the seventeenth century star-crossed lovers? And if there is one, how is she to draw the answer from them? This chasm of impossible proportions must be crossed, for only with the resurrection of the dead, and their secrets drawn from deep within their souls, can the little girl be saved.

My Review

This is one of the most delightful stories I've read this year. The characters are believable, real people who are variously interconnected just as in real life. I particularly enjoyed the relationship between the single dad and his daughter, who is the center of the story. The writing is exceptional and the flow just forces a reader's attention to stay focused. While the tale is unique it speaks to almost anyone who would choose to read it. I recommend it as a pleasant escape for a few hours this fall.

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It was AMAZING!! Photobucket

Cedar McLeod lives an ordinary but lonely life, raising her six-year-old daughter Eden on her own while trying to balance the demands of her career and the expectations of her mother. Everything seems normal until the day Eden opens her bedroom door and finds herself half a world away – and then goes missing. Suddenly, Cedar realizes her daughter is anything but normal.

In a desperate search for answers, Cedar tries to track down Eden’s father, who mysteriously disappeared from her life before Eden was born. What she discovers is far beyond anything she could have imagined. As she joins unlikely allies in the hunt for her daughter, Cedar becomes torn between two worlds: the one she thought she knew, and one where ancient myths are real, the stakes are impossibly high, and only the deepest love will survive.

My Review

I think that as these stories are not really my cup o' tea, I have to admit that this one is well written and held my attention. I think the difficulty I have with the entire fay, fairy, leprechaun, magic kingdom genre is that the names and places are impossible to pronounce and almost as hard to keep in mind while reading. And this story has more than a plenty of them from all persuasions. I might read another, I might not. But if you are into this sort of thing, this is as good a title as you will probably find.

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I really liked thisPhotobucket

Fifteen-year old Alex Cronlord just met the boy of her dreams. Literally. Unfortunately, the dream involved him killing her. When she encounters him at her school the next morning, Alex understandably freaks out – and her mother’s bizarre behavior only makes it worse. What Alex doesn’t realize is that she can see the future – which will get her into a whole lot of trouble.

Across town, FBI Agent Moira McBain and her partner Andy Hall investigate a series of house burnings in Dallas, Texas. When a clue leads them to the Cronlords, Moira discovers a disturbing link between Alex’s family and her own – which opens an old wound Moira has spent years trying to ignore.

Something is rotten in Dallas, Texas – something involving a secret society, children with extraordinary powers, and human-looking creatures who might literally be out of this world ….

Welcome to a different kind of world-wide web.

My Review

This interesting and fairly different tale finds plenty for those who like conspiracy theories and crazy “religious” cults. The focal character is only a teenager when she discovers that her dreams are prophetic and that she is the object of the hunt by more than one group of fringe lunatics. The quick read is entertaining even if a bit far-fetched. Still, it does let the reader escape the doldrums of everyday life for a brief time.

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I liked this.Photobucket

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