Thursday, July 18, 2013

Deadly Bonds (Mindhunters #3) by Anne Marie Becker

Deadly BondsDeadly Bonds by Anne Marie Becker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holt Patterson, widower and single father, is a mindhunter, a profiler of criminals, at SSAM. Sara Burns, dedicated director of The Hills Boys’ Academy, has secretly loved Holt for years, but she refuses to pine for the husband of her dead best friend. When a vigilante serial killer known as Toxin insists on righting injustices, Holt and Sara will be forced to work together, and will learn that second chances and happy endings are possible.


Holy moly I enjoyed this story, I loved Sara and Holt and I loved this history between them. the whole idea captivated me and kept me interested all they way through. I didn't work out who Toxin was until near the end... doing a happy dance about that as I am usually really good at working out who did it so it is rear for me not to guess. The characters were were believable and likeable I really want to know more about the agency and I hope we will get updates from Sara and Holt in subsequent books.

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