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In Too Deep by Bea Davenport

In Too DeepIn Too Deep by Bea Davenport

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'... The window's so small I can't see what happens next. But what I do know is that Kim is dead. And I know this, too that I helped to kill her. Kim, my lovely, only, best friend.'
Five years ago Maura fled life in Dowerby and took on a new identity, desperately trying to piece her life back together and escape the dark clouds that plagued her past. But then a reporter tracks her down, and persuades her to tell her story, putting her own life in danger once again.

Layer upon layer of violence and deceit make up the full picture for Maura to see and the reporter to reveal. Hidden secrets are uncovered that have been left to settle, for far too long. But in life some things can't be left unsaid, and eventually the truth will out. Whatever the consequences.


OK I struggled with this book almost from the start, part off that is that it is the narrative is in the first person and as a reader always struggle with books written like this, but mostly because I just didn't connect with the protagonist I found myself asking why all the time like why if she was smart enough to make a new identity why was she not smart enough to leave her dick of a husband and where is Rosie her daughter and the biggest question do I care? I am not sure I do but the questions keep me reading now I am not sure if this book is really good and I am to jaded to see it or if it is very boring and I am to stubborn to admit it. Either way this book has me flummoxed and that has not happened in a long time so yeah all I can say is read this book for yourself and you decided because I cant.

I wrote this while I was reading the book and I did finish it and you know what the end few chapters make the slog worth it . The book feels like she is telling you her story if you can hold out till almost the end you are rewarded with what turned out to be a satisfyingly story but you do need patience and that is something I don't normally have but I found that 'why' is a powerful motivator.

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  1. Well, this is a disappointment
    I wish it was better
    looked like it has potential
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