Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moving Target is one hot read

Moving TargetMoving Target by Cheyenne McCray

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The synopsis
Ani King left her entire life behind when the Russian mafia brutally murdered her family. The Witness Security Program has kept her safe for two years, but with one simple phone call her cover is destroyed and there is only one man left who can save her.
Protecting the brave, beautiful Ani became more than just a job a long time ago for Deputy Marshal Daniel Parker. And now, just days before the trial where she's slated to give a damning testimony, the criminals who want her dead are on her trail. To keep Ani safe, Daniel has to keep her close and her enemies closer. Because soon there's nowhere for Ani to hide but in his arms.

My Review
This book is a thrill ride from start to finish with a hot love story to really heat things up. The action starts right away and it just keeps going at a fast pace. The sizzle between Ani and Daniel is combustable right for the start and just gets hotter. The story is about honour and learning to live with what life has dealt you, and this book works beautifully with a strong story line and believable characters. The sex in it is hot and the suspence element is even hotter, if you like hot this book delivers it in spades!!

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  1. Perhaps we're too much influenced by the media, but sometimes I think the only way to find love is to end up in Witness Protection! :P

    I like the sound of the book. Maybe after I get through the current stack in my room. I must be one of my library's biggest readers!

  2. I know I one of the biggest readers with my library too. I have 19 book waiting for me lol


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