Friday, September 23, 2011

This is a very tame romance with a wild suspense element to keep you turning the pages

Warrior's Second Chance (Silhouette Intrigue)Warrior's Second Chance by Nancy Gideon

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The synopsis
Thirty years ago, war claimed the only man Barbara Calvin ever loved. And for her family's honor, for the child Taggart McGee never knew she carried, she married his best friend and abandoned her dreams of a future with Tag.
Now, as the killer knew it would, the murder of Barbara's husband brought Tag out of hiding. To bury forever a secret only Tag and he shared, the villain struck once more. With Barbara and their daughter as the lure, Tag's warrior instincts came roaring back to life. Tag was determined to keep this second chance at love from slipping through his fingers….

My Review
This is a very tame romance with a wild suspense element to keep you turning the pages. The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon is mentioned in this book and I have to say it is a little reminiscent of it with some of the psychological elements. However it was not as complex and was easier to follow. the relationship between barb and Tag was sweet and sad at times to watch but seeing the lies come to light and them getting through their issues was worth the flowery slant on the intimate scene in the book. had it not been for the first class suspense thriller treading through it I would have given up but it was intriguing and at times heart stoppingly good.

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  1. nice review. I love to read.
    right now i have kinda started with two books, one is Committed by Gilbert the other one is The Great Gatsby.


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