Friday, October 28, 2011

A Still, Small Voice By D W Marchwell shouted loud and clear that it is a great story

A Still, Small VoiceA Still, Small Voice by D.W. Marchwell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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The Blurb
After a student’s accusation of sexual assault destroyed his reputation, Noah Birchwood left the teaching career he loved. The school system that should have protected him and an ex-lover who should have known better shattered his confidence, and it took Noah six years and another university degree to finally get his life back on track.

He loves his new job as a computer programmer and keeps busy on weekends performing at a drag club with his best friend, Aiden. It’s there that he meets shy, chivalrous Oscar, the owner of the club and, just maybe, the love of Noah’s life. But everything turns upside down when a specter from his former life moves in next door. Noah will have to face his fears and discover the truth about his ordeal if he wants to move past it once and for all and face the future with Oscar at his side.

My Thoughts
This is a tale of learning to trust again, it is the story of a very lonely man and his journey back to a full life. The story is smart and at times sweet and funny, there is an edge of mystery there with the whole Paul thing and I like that we get to see it solved. The relationship between Oscar and Noah is interesting because we get to see both men grow and become more confident.
This was a beautifully executed story and I liked that the issues were all external to the couple and their relationship was never in doubt. It made the story one of warmth and comfort. This is a book I would happily read again and tell all my friends about too.

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