Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tipping the Balance by Christopher Koehler was a journey worth taking.

Tipping the Balance (CalPac Crew, #2)Tipping the Balance by Christopher Koehler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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The Blurb
Between his job as a Realtor and his home renovation business, Drew St. Charles is in over his head. What he really needs is a licensed contractor to oversee his projects, and Drew knows just the man for the job: Brad Sundstrom. The Sundstrom family has been in construction for years, so Brad knows his way around a toolbox, and he desperately wants out from under his sneering father's thumb.

The close contact and the excitement of a career-making renovation fan the sparks between Brad and Drew into an inferno. Before long, the phrase "working hard together" takes on a new meaning. It looks as if Drew's dreams are coming true, although Brad is far from out and proud. But then Drew is savagely attacked in a hate crime, and Brad panics.

Suddenly everything is in jeopardy. When arson strikes Drew's dream project, Brad faces a crucial test: he'll need to overcome his fears, save their work, and take his place at Drew's side or retreat to the stifling familiarity of the closet.

My Thoughts
This is a very intense tale that deal with homophobia in the work place and in life is a realistic way. Brad was an annoying brat most of the time and very much the 'jock' still. I felt it was a shame it took till well over half of the book for Brad to get his big boy trousers on and man up but it was worth the wait. And yes I will admit I did have tears in my eyes for the whole middle section. But the journey was worth it, as a story of self discovery for both men it was a first class effort, I would have liked a bit more tie up as the epilogue felt a little rushed I would have liked to know more about the father and the brother and how the end came about but then I am a greedy girl.

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