Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pulled Long by Christine d'Abo pulled me right along.

Have you read this book?? What did you think? What rating would you give it?

Where did I get this book.
I got this free from NetGalley

Pulled LongPulled Long by Christine d'Abo

My rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket I really liked this!

This is what the book is about.
For months, coffee shop owner Ian Long has fantasized about a customer he knows only as "Blue Eyes." Until he learns Blue Eyes is in the midst of a divorce—the last thing Ian wants is to be the rebound experiment of a straight guy. Giving in to lust, he invites the man into the cafe after hours and they indulge in a little exhibitionist play, but Ian is unwilling to get involved.

But when he’s forced to see Jeff again to return his briefcase, Ian finally agrees to go out on a date. Dinner quickly becomes an erotic encounter in a special room at the sex club Mavericks, and Ian realizes Jeff satisfies desires he didn't even know he had. The more he gets to know Jeff as a person, the harder it is to resist falling for him.

Jeff makes it clear he’s interested in more than just sex. He wants to go public with their relationship in more ways than one. But can Ian open his heart, when he fears it will be broken?

This is what I thought about it.
oooooo I so didn't want this to end.
The intensity of the relationship between Ian and Jeff made this book all the more enjoyable because they were intense people.

What I liked most in this series is that all of them had different kinks and expressed them differently, it made it more believable a we all have things that float our boat. The window into these peoples lives was a real treat and I will be reading more from this author.


  1. I love this series, I heard the next one is going to be Josh, Beth (the girl who was caught having sex in book 2), and a new character Oliver. Wonder what kind of fetish they will have.


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