Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sauntering Vaguely Downward by Nessa L. Warin was aptly named for how it made me feel.

Have you read this book?? What did you think? What rating would you give it?

Where did I get this book.
I got this free from NeyGalley

Sauntering Vaguely DownwardSauntering Vaguely Downward by Nessa L. Warin

My rating: Photobucket I couldn't finish this one.

This is what the book is about.
Dylan Rojers is excited about Dragon*Con—a huge convention in Atlanta celebrating pop culture, science fiction, and fantasy—but he and his last-minute room-mate, Brendan Stone, get off on the wrong foot. It seems that every time they manage a tentative truce, something happens to set them back, and by their second day at the convention, both think there’s no way they can get along.

But maybe Dylan and Brendan have more in common than they thought. Once they start talking, the sparks that were starting arguments ignite a different sort of passion. Through the four fabulous days of parties, shopping in the Dealers Room, costume parades, and discussion panels, Dylan and Brendan grow ever closer. There’s just one problem: they live in different cities, and Dragon*Con doesn’t last forever. Will Dylan and Brendan risk a long-distance romance or is a lasting relationship just one more all-too-brief fantasy.

This is what I thought about it.
I didn't do to well with this one.

I just didn't connect with the characters and I found the writing style didn't make it any easier. The characterisation is good but I just wanted to slap them.

Don't get me wrong I think I am a bit of a geek but these men were like teenagers and that's just plain annoying. I only get a few pages in before I got fed up and stopped reading so maybe it gets better but for me it goes on the could not finish pile.

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