Monday, February 20, 2012

Hop Against Homophobia Registration, come and join in the fun!!

An M/M-only blog hop!

Erica PikeNJ Nielsen, and K-Lee Klein had begun to taking part in blog hops, they‘re great fun and they were very appreciative to be invited along for the ride. One thing they noticed though was the lack of M/M specific blog hops created for writers and readers of this particular genre. So they thought, why not make one?

K-Lee came up with the clever name: Hop Against Homophobia, and they decided to use the International Day Against Homophobia, May 17th, as the official hop kickoff date. The hop will run until midnight May 20th.

And I thought wow I have to be part of this!! Sign me up !! But what prize will I give away? find out below!! 

OK so we hope to get as many authors of gay (M/M) fiction as we can to sign up and show their support. Publishers, sellers and reviewers are welcome to take part as long as your prize is M/M-related.

Here are the author participation requirements:

--- Be an author/publisher/seller/reviewer of M/M fiction.
--- Offer a M/M-related prize (M/M book/ebook, or GLBTQ swag, t-shirt, whatever you can come up with).
--- Provide links of other blog participants to your blog visitors (will be explained in an email, but it'll be as easy as copy-paste).
--- Talk about the International Day Against Homophobia in your May 17th blog entry (as little as just a mention – your choice).
--- Add the colorful Hop Against Homophobia image to your blog/website with a link to the official hop site:

We are discouraging the use of gift cards as prizes. In doing this, we hope to attract readers more specific to our M/M genre and not just readers looking to score a gift card. We want m/m fiction lovers to win our prizes!

I have secured a fantastic book for my give away!! Cut and Run by Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux

We plan to do as much promotion on this as we can and we'd appreciate it if all participants could help by mentioning the hop once in a while. This is OUR (people of the gay fiction genre) hop, and if successful this year, it could turn into a fabulous annual event of M/M love!

What is a blog hop? Take a look at this post.

For authors/publishers/sellers/reviewers interested in taking part, specifics will be sent via email once we get closer to the date, so everyone will know what to do. But for now, please sign up and encourage others to do the same :)

All of these lovely people have joined up and to add your name to this list click here and fill out the link submission form at the bottom of the post!  

1. Erica Pike  47. Kharisma Rhayne  93. H.L. Holston  
2. K-Lee Klein  48. No Boundaries Press  94. Johnny Miles  
3. NJ Nielsen  49. Angel Martinez  95. H.A Caine  
4. Zathyn Priest  50. Simply Erotic Reviews  96. Kit Sands  
5. Andi Anderson  51. Missy Welsh  97. Andrea Speed  
6. Kayla Jameth  52. Sessha Batto  98. AJ Jarrett  
7. Dani Alexander  53. Joyfully Jay  99. S. L. Danielson  
8. S.J. Frost  54. amy lane  100. Blaine D. Arden  
9. Tara Lain  55. Kathleen Hayes  101. Anne Brooke  
10. West Thornhill  56. Arshad Ahsanuddin  102. Em Woods  
11. Vicktor Alexander  57. Andrew Grey  103. Karenna Colcroft  
12. L.M. Brown  58. Kari Gregg  104. Stevie Woods  
13. Embry Carlysle  59. E.E. Ottoman  105. Jambrea Jo Jones  
14. Violetta Vane  60. Marguerite Labbe  106. Tana  
15. Michael Mandrake  61. Ariel Tachna  107. TanaRaeReads  
16. Lori Toland  62. Xara X. Xanakas  108. William Neale  
17. Carolyn Gray  63. B. Snow  109. S.A. Reid  
18. Diana DeRicci  64. Mary Calmes  110. Cherie Noel  
19. J P Bowie  65. J. P. Barnaby  111. Dustin Adrian Rhodes  
20. Lily Sawyer  66. Ellis Carrington  112. Havan Fellows  
21. Kerry Freeman  67. Dreamspinner Press  113. Tami Veldura  
22. Kaje Harper  68. T.A. Chase  114. PD Singer  
23. Shae Connor  69. Lavinia Lewis  115. Well Read  
24. L.C. Chase  70. Elizabeth Noble  116. Brief Encounters Reviews  
25. Piper Vaughn & M.J. O'Shea  71. KC Burn  117. Rarely Dusty Books  
26. Zach Sweets  72. Brita Addams  118. Ally Blue  
27. Charlie Cochet  73. Riptide Publishing  119. Elizabeth Lister  
28. Jaime Samms  74. TWLIB Reviews  120. kerry sullivan  
29. Taylor V. Donovan & Anne Tenino  75. Rachel Haimowitz  121. K.M. Mahoney  
30. DC Juris  76. Rhianon Etzweiler  122. H.B. Pattskyn  
31. Top2Bottom Reviews  77. Scarlet Hyacinth  123. Stephani Hecht  
32. Silvia Violet  78. Julie Lynn Hayes  124. Connor Wright  
33. Sara York  79. Kalita Kasar  125. Devon Rhodes  
34. Pants Off Reviews  80. Poppy Dennison  126. Louisa Bacio  
35. Dawn Roberto  81. L. A. Witt  127. Dianne Hartsock  
36. Matthew  82. Sui Lynn  128. Cryselle's Bookshelf  
37. Storm Moon Press  83. RANDALL WIGGINS  129. Dawn K. Johnson  
38. S.L. Armstrong  84. Haley Walsh  130. Eden Winters  
39. Jessica Freely  85. Nephylim  131. Avril Ashton  
40. Sue Brown  86. Marie Sexton  132. K.Z. Snow  
41. Megan Derr  87. Kayelle Allen  133. Keta Diablo, Author  
42. Samantha Derr  88. Anne Barwell  134. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews  
43. Sasha L. Miller  89. SJD Peterson  135. MA Church  
44. Less Than Three Press  90. Rick R. Reed  136. Sloan Parker  
45. Hayley B. James  91. Kracken  137. Books Make Me Happy  
46. Dakota Trace  92. Erato