Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Primal Passions by Stephani Hecht was a hot read that is passionate to the core.

Primal Passions (Lost Shifters, #1)Title: Primal Passions
Author: Stephani Hecht
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Release Date: October 2009
This book is: My own e-book

This is the summary off the back of the book.
Jacyn had always considered himself a pretty normal guy. Little did he know that he couldn’t be more wrong. Attacked by a group of gunmen, he suddenly finds himself shot at, kidnapped and chained to a wall. Not exactly the kind of day a normal guy has. All he knows is that all of it is somehow connected to his birth family. Rescued by a tall dangerous looking stranger who claims to have been sent by his long-lost family, Jacyn doesn’t know whether to run with him or away from him. Especially when the stranger claims to be able to shift into a jaguar.

The last thing Logan wants is to be rounding up some stray jaguar shifter, but he has never refused an order. Even as he tells himself the mission will be a snap, he finds himself having to launch a one-cat rescue party when Jacyn gets himself captured by their enemy.

As the two males run for their lives, they find that not only are they having to battle their enemy, but they are also fighting a growing attraction to each other. Passion is the last thing they should be thinking about, however. Because if they don’t keep their attention focused on the enemy, they could very well pay the ultimate price

This is what I think of the book.
Wow this was a great first book to start a series!!
It was exciting and had loads of action and a troubled love story to keep me reading long into the night. I have to say I love the premise of this series... lost family/shifters and a hunt to find them before the bad guys. I also like that the bad guys are bird shifters because traditionally they are overlooked or seen as not aggressive. I will defiantly be reading more from this author and it looks like I will be buying a lot more books!

My Rating:PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket I LOVED this!!