Saturday, February 11, 2012

Savage Awakenings by Stephani Hecht left me panting for more more more.

Savage Awakenings (Lost Shifters, #3)Title: Savage Awakenings
Author: Stephani Hecht
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Release Date: February 2010
This book was: My own e-book

This is the summary off the back of the book.
An outcast among his own kind, Rat has always withdrawn from others and lived life by his own rules. Rejected and shunned so many times, he’s resigned to the fact that he’ll always be alone and almost convinces himself that he’s happier that way. That all changes in one instant when he receives a call from a lost shifter named Keegan. Scared and on the run from Ravens, Keegan is in hiding and Rat knows if doesn’t go rescue the man, he’ll be dead within hours.

What Rat doesn’t expect though is to fall instantly in lust with the lost shifter as soon as they finally meet. That’s the last thing either one of them needs or wants though. Not only is Keegan still adjusting to the fact he’s a shifter, but there’s also the fact he’s the feline leader’s younger brother. Which means the man is off limits. But as they face more danger and get closer, Rat knows he’s powerless to fight his growing attraction to Keegan. Will Rat finally be able to go of his past to embrace a future with his new lover, or will he forever be destined to live life alone?

This is what I think of the book.
Well this was so worth the wait, I love Rat in the first 2 books and rushed to get this one.
Both men have trust issues because they were rejected by their parents in some way and both are looked at as freaks with in their peer group so the fact they fit together is no surprise. The story is passionate and powerful and for me a little short, but only because I wanted to know why the other young shifters were shifting early and violent with it. I know all will be revealed in another book but
I cant buy any more for until pay day and I want to know now!!

My Rating:PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket I LOVED this!!