Monday, February 06, 2012

Sully by Lynn Hagen is full of whys.

Sully (Zeus's Pack, #6)Title: Sully
Author: Lynn Hagen
Publisher: Siren Publishing.
Release Date: 29 October 2011
This book is: My own e-book

This is the summary off the back of the book.
Austin Riggers doesn’t have an ounce of self-worth, his parents made sure to rid him of that. But he still thinks he deserves someone to call his own.

Sully, a soldier to the alpha Zeus, finds he has two mates. Two mates that think he’s out to con them. Sully doesn’t understand the mistrust and nonbelieving ways of his mates, but he’s determined to break down their walls and show them a life they deserve to live.

Julien thinks he’s damaged goods with an injured leg. He hides from the world in his flower shop, until his lover, James, cons Julien into coming down to Theo’s.

Julien's life takes a drastic turn as events pull him from his comfort zone and throws him into a life he feels he doesn’t deserve. Can Austin and Sully save him from a pair of con artists out to steal his savings and can his mates show him that he is more than his injury

This is what I think of the book.
I really liked this one, I know I have said that about all of these but it is true,
it was interesting watching them all work out their issues. I would have liked to see Austin's mother get more of a show down, only because she is so horrible I would have liked her to be taken down a peg or two. My only complaint about this series is that we don't get to know the why, like why Austin's parents think so little of him and I do like to know why, but I can live with the not knowing.

My Rating:PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket I really liked this!