Friday, April 20, 2012

Review: Cowboy Way by Stormy Glenn

Cowboy Way (Blaecleah Brothers, #3)Title: Cowboy Way
Author: Stormy Glenn
Genre: Same Sex Contemporary Romance.
Part of a series: Yes, Blaecleah Brothers, #3
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Release Date: 2 June 2011
This book was: My own e-book

This is the summary off the back of the book.
Matthew McCallister knew coming out to his father, a very conservative minister, would be the end of life in his hometown. With his younger brother, Ruben, by his side, he flees their hometown only to be arrested for kidnapping and theft. But the sheriff of Cade Creek seems to believe in Matty's innocence and suggests that he and Ruben hide out at the Blaecleah ranch. Matty is in no way prepared for the Blaecleah family, especially Quaid Blaecleah. The man is gorgeous and kind, a combination Matty isn't used to in men he's attracted to. When Quaid proposes marriage as a way to save him from his father, Matty is terrified to agree because he's been used in the past. He's just as afraid to say no. Quaid intrigues Matty in a way he's never experienced. When Matty's father arrives in town and starts making threats, can Matty trust Quaid to keep him safe, or will he be burned again?

This is what I think of the book.
This story had me weeping and feeling very sick at one point, and like all this authors work, had me falling in love with the people and places in it.
Matt is a sweetie and I love the way Quaid just went for what he felt right from the very first moment. There are some very important themes covered in this story and the level of violence will have your stomach turning but the story is one worth reading and it may seem a little out there but there is just something about the way Ms Glenn build the story that allows you to believe the scenario and feel you are part of the tapestry she has written for you. Lets face it these books are a bit like chocolate, you don't mind if it is not the best in the world it is the flavour you are left with that keep you buying it and you wont be surprised to learn I have bought a truck loads of it!!

My Rating:PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket I really liked this.

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