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Review: Remus by Joyee Flynn

Remus (Marius Brothers, #2)Title: Remus
Author: Joyee Flynn
Genre: Same Sex paranormal Romance.
Part of a series: Yes,  Marius Brothers, #2
Length: 113 Pages.
Publisher: Siren Book Strand
Release Date: 16 September 2010
This book is from: My own e-book collection
Remus Marius, a demon warrior, grew up knowing he had the full love and support of his family. It defined who he was. Discovering his mate, Noah, on a mission to rescue kidnapped vampires, he finds that he will need everything he learned growing up to convince Noah he's worth the love Remus wants to give him. Noah Dragos always knew he was a huge disappointment to his family. He wasn't a warrior like his father and brothers. He wasn't even a good vampire. Hidden away and ignored by his family, Noah learned not to rely on anyone. When he's kidnapped by demons, he knows no one will care. Being rescued by Remus and mated to him, Noah has to decide if he's willing to drag his mate into the hell he's lived in his entire life or let Remus find someone more deserving of being a warrior's mate.

My review

We met Remus in book 1 and I liked him for standing up for his brother and his mate so I was eager to read this one.
We are not disappointed and when Remus finds his mate is a Dragos, a family known for its bigoted views on all things gay and remotely human, you know there is going to be fireworks. Again w are not left hanging, the fireworks start right from the off. Noah is sweet and really loveable and I have to say I was left reaching for the painkillers when he is taken in to the garage. wont say more then that because I don't like to add spoilers and if I say more then that it would spoil it. I will admit that this series has me hooked I love the fire and the machinations of the older members of the Dragos family and I look forward to seeing them fall further from grace as the series progresses.

My Rating:


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