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Review: Rory's Last Chance by Bailey Bradford

Rory's Last Chance (Love in Xxchange, #1)Title: Rory's Last Chance
Author: Bailey Bradford
Genre: Same Sex Contemporary Romance.
Part of a series: Yes, Love in Xxchange, #1
Length: 118 Pages.
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Release Date: 16 May 2011
This book is from: My own e-book collection.
Chance Galloway thinks walking into the Xxchange might just be the biggest mistake he’s ever made, but one stranger who seems to know just how to touch Chance is going to make it a night he’ll never forget.

Chance Galloway is used to being alone. Once a wild and voracious player, he became a loner after a traumatic event in his past tore his world apart. Older and wiser, years of loneliness and a moment of weakness drive him to seek another’s touch. The only problem is, the club he chooses to visit is filled with PYT’s—pretty young things Chance simply doesn’t find appealing.

Rory Calhoun has his own baggage that haunts him. Still, he gives in to curiosity and decides to check out the local club. Inside he spots a man who fires up every fantasy Rory’s ever had. The only problem is, despite a quick, enthralling encounter, the stranger makes it clear he isn’t interested in PYT’s, a label Rory knows would be slapped on him in a heartbeat if the stranger ever saw his face.

Rory has one unexpected opportunity to make Chance see him as a man, and he’s going to grab that opportunity, and Chance with both hands.

My review

I only read this because I interviewed the author with regards to another series and she mentioned this one, and boy am I glad I did.
As an introduction to a series I loved it as it introduced us to the characters in the next 2 books and lets face it what not to love about Miles, Bo and Annabelle. I will be reading the next two books soon and then I guess the rest of Baileys book as I have not read a bad one yet. She is able to give us complex personalities in relatively short stories that are not only believable but can get under your skin and become part of you because they are just plain fun to be with. I have to admit that Bailey Bradford is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and another one of my 'must buy and right now' authors!!

My Rating:


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  1. Sounds like an interesting book - perhaps a beach read!

  2. defiantly good for the beach as long as you have a very cold drink to cool you down ;) 

  3. Great review.  It's amazing how many books you read! During my pre-mom days I'd read 6 -7 books a week and now I'm lucky if I can get one finished in a month :)

  4. sounds interesting.  the last book i read was the first shades of grey and that was only because i was at the hair salon.


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