Friday, July 13, 2012

Product Review & Give-away: Smile Brilliant professional teeth whitening

Product Name: Smile Brilliant!
Website: Smile
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Would I recommend it to a friend: Yes, I so would!

When speed is key to your brilliant new smile, grab the pen, accelerate with the LED light, and GO! Everything you need. 20 minutes a day. Guaranteed results or your money back!
*High intensity Ultra-Blue LED activating light (batteries included)
*Protective trays(top & bottom)
*4ml Professional whitening gel pen (35% concentration)
*30 Day money back guarantee
*Life-time tray replacement warranty
When you dont have time to mess with syringes and need immediate results on the go, Brilliantly Simple does it all. is pleased to offer a tooth bleaching package that generates results in an easy to carry package. In as little as 20 minutes per day, Brilliantly Simple gets results and goes where you go. The whitening system includes an ultra high strength professional whitening pen with an LED lighting system. The gel paints on quickly and the LED whitening light accelerates the process. Affordability on the go is Brilliantly Simple!

My Review

I saw this promotion just after I had come out of hospital after having surgery on my mouth. I had most of my back teeth out and I don't mind telling you I felt very concious of how my remaining teeth looked. So I was as giddy as a kipper when I was told I could be part of this promotion. I almost mugged the postmen when he delivered the kit, barking dogs and a demented woman at the door I don't think he has been the same since!

So that night I did my first treatment and I have to say it was so easy I sat there in bed, I chose to do this at night, reading my kindle with the telly on in the background and the 20 minutes went by in a flash. I did feel a bit daft sat there with the activating light in my mouth but that is why I decided to do the treatments at night while in bed.

I saw a difference in the colour of my teeth after the first treatment and after a week my teeth look great. I feel more confident and I will keep using smile Brilliant because I want to see just how white I can get me teeth!!

My Rating:


Now here is the really neat bit you can WIN a kit just like I used, and because the people at Smile brilliant are just that, Brilliant, they have opened the give-away to UK, US and Canada. In the Kit you will get everything you need to get a white smile!

Use the Rafflecopter form below!

Cant wait and want it right now you can use this coupon and get 20% off any of their products.

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  1. I'm not really a fan of these DIY over-the-counter teeth whitening kits but as far as my las vegas dentist reckons, this is one of those kits that deserve some merit. For one, it's not that cheap, and by cheap, it usually does not only pertain to cost if you know what I mean. Plus it's actually used as a substitute to pro-teeth whitening care by most people that I know. So I give this one a thumbs up!


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