Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: A Werewolf's Soldier by Kayley Scott

Title: A Werewolf's Soldier
Author: Kayley Scott
Genre: Same Sex Paranormal Romantic Suspence
Part of a series: Yes, Warwolves #1
Length/file size: 255 KB
Publisher: DLZ Entertainment, LLC
Release Date: May 30th 2012
This book is from: My own e-book collection.
Sergeant Joshua Tanner has always been drawn to danger. After multiple tours of service, first in Iraq and now in Afghanistan, he has developed a reputation as one of the Army’s finest soldiers. But when his latest mission leaves him wounded behind enemy lines in the deadly Korengal Valley, his only chance for survival lies with a mysterious and sexy stranger.

On a top secret mission, the werewolf Tuck may have finally found the mate he has spent twelve years searching for. Josh is beautiful and fearless but completely unaware of the horrors that lurk in the dark places of the world. As a member of the US Military’s Warwolves unit, Tuck and his kind secretly hunt down the supernatural terrors that threaten humankind.

When an ancient monster rises in the forest, the hunter becomes the hunted. To save their lives, Tuck is forced to expose Josh to the beast hidden inside him and risk losing the love of his life.

My Review

OMG I really loved this... not only was it hot but the story was first class too.
This is the first in a series and it is a series I will so be following and I will be first in the cue to get book 2. This is a story of trust and survival, it is about alpha males and how they adapt to each other and their surroundings. I loved that we got to see both men before they were brought together and I loved the people we were introduced to. I cant wait for the next one and I so hope we get to see more of Tuck and Josh as I really like them as a couple because they feed off each other rather then butt heads. I totally bought them as a couple and I really liked the premise. I feel I need to address the link of the story now these are alpha males and I have to say I really couldn't see them connecting any other way then they did. I don't want to say too much because I don't do spoilers but it worked for me!!

My Rating:


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