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Review: The Link That Binds by Dawn H. Hawkes

Title: The Link That Binds
Author: Dawn H. Hawkes
Genre: Same Sex Erotic Paranormal Romance.
Part of a series: Yes, Solomon's Pride #2
Length: 182 pages
ISBN/ASIN: 1920501258
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Release Date: September 24th 2011
This book is from: My own e-book collection.
Jace, a shapeshifter, is held captive by vampires after a mission gone wrong. A turn of events puts him in close contact with Link, the very same human that facilitated his capture. With Link working for vampires, can Jace cope with the fact that Link just might be his mate?

Link never wanted to work with vampires, but led astray by his curiosity and the promise of money, he is now stuck in a dangerous arrangement he can't escape. Meeting Jace might be his ticket out. He sure as hell isn't going to do what the vampires tell him to when they request he find a "cure" that will eliminate all shifters... and use Jace to do so.

My Review

This book carries on straight from the end of book 1 and boy what a start.
We get to see some more of Leo's friends and get to know more about Jace. In the first one he came across as a bit of a loud mouth and in this one we find out he is a snarly loud mouth but very likeable with it. He goes from the frying pan into the fire and we are right there with him. This is a complex story but one that you get totally wrapped up in. We get to learn more of Link in this one too and I have to say I like him, I kind of did in the first one but in this one he and Jace are just explosive. I am so look forward to how this series is opening up and the stories will will get in the future.

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