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Review Special with an interview with the author: The Wolves of Stone Ridge series by Charlie Richards

I was lucky enough to get an interview with Charlie Richards after reading the first 10 book of this great series.  scroll down to see what she told me and my review of the books so far.

Series Title: The Wolves Of stone Ridge
Series Author: Charlie Richards
Series Genre: Same Sex Paranormal Romance
Book Length: 90- 120 Pages
Series Publisher: Extasy Books
Series Buy Link The Wolves of Stone Ridge
Authors Website: Charlie
Authors Facebook:  Charlie Richards

First let me say big thank you to Charlie Richards for agreeing to answer my questions today and giving us fans some insights into what coming up.

1. Where is the idea for Wolves of Stone Ridge come from?

Wow! That's a tough one.
I started it over a year ago, so let me think... I'd have to say that it began from a coupling of a werewolf story I wrote and my love of gay romance. The werewolf story was a m/f dark, horror titled Mating Instinct. It's not what most people expect, since yeah, it's a horror, though it does have romance in it as well. The werewolf is a serial killer, but he wins. Anyway, I love a happy ending, so I combined the two, plus my love of gay romance. And the mountains. I love horseback riding and motorcycle riding in the mountains, so that was my setting.

2. I see on your web site you have the next 2 books on the go, can you tell me a little about them and when we can get our sticky mitts on them?

Sure - Wolves of Stone Ridge number 11 is title - Kyle's Valiant Hunt. It will be out on August 1st. Swing by my website (http://www.charlie-richards/) to read the blurb and excerpts. Book 12 in the Wolves of Stone Ridge series involves Manon (wolf shifter enforcer) & Chris (human). Chris loses a bet with his friends. He is required to dress in drag and go to a straight bar. He makes a very convincing woman. There he meets Manon, who is a wolf enforcer and is a Life Flight helicopter pilot enjoying a drink with his co-workers. Manon chases off a pushy admirer who won't take Chris's no for an answer. Problem is, Manon doesn't know Chris is a man, and Chris doesn't know Manon is a wolf. It should be a merry chase! If all goes well, that one should be out September 1st.

3. I know there is the spin off series of Kontra's Menagerie, I have to admit to being fascinated with Kontra and his biker gang. Are we going to see Kontra find love and if so when??

Yes, Kontra will find his love. It has taken a long time, but the big grizzly bear shifter has finally started talking to my muse. For those of you who pay attention to names, Kontra's last name is Belikov - it's Russian - which is where he's from. He met his mate once, but Tim was too young to claim. So, for the last fifty plus years, he's traveled the United States (yes, there is a reason he's in this country) searching for Tim. You can expect to see Kontra's tale released later this year.

4 And finally we met the vampires in book 9 can you tell us if we are going to see more of them in the Stone Ridge books or will they have their own series??

On this one, I'm not sure yet. I've had ideas bounce around to incorporate them into the Stone Ridge series as well as ways to make them a stand-a-lone. So far, none of Caspian's friends have spoken to me yet, so I'm still waiting to see. Please, be patient. One of us has to be. ;)

Thank you so much Charlie Richards I know I will be first in the cue for the next books. Please keep reading to see my review of the first 10 books in The Wolves of Stone Ridge series.

My Review of the series so far

I read book 1 of this series and feel head over heel in love with characters so decided I would read them all, little did I know at that point there were 10 books in the series so far. Each book can be read in a couple of hours and they really do need reading in the order they are published.

The books chart the story of the shifter pack as it grows in Stone Ridge. A group of scientist have learned of the existence of shifter and are kidnapping them to experiment on.

Book 1 opens with Rainey visiting the Zoo that his brother has been sold to by poachers and while there both he and his brother find their fated mates. Each of the books deals with a different pack member finding their mates, some human some not. But what makes this series so good is the back story of the scientist that goes from what they thought was simple poachers to a private consortium declaring war on the pack and shifters in general.

In book 5 we see the consequence of the scientist experiments with a human being made into a shifter. By this time we know that the consortium's gaol is to use the kidnapped shifter DNA to enhance humans so they would have the heighten senses of the shifters.  By book 7 we know that it is not just Stone Ridge the scientist are using but are all over the place. By book 9 the vampires are getting involved opening up so many more avenues for the series.

One of the things that makes this such a great read is that all different shifter are represented and the Stone Ridge pack will take any shifter in no matter what the species. So we get bunny shifter in with the wolves and elephant, yes I did say elephant. In this pack it really is 'loins and tigers and bear Oh my' but it is also cats dogs and everything in between. The shifter community is diverse as the human one and this is what makes it believable to me and what keep me reading and will keep my reading this series for the foreseeable future. I just hope Charlie Richards doesn't run out of ideas any time soon!!

My Rating:


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