Saturday, December 10, 2011

NetGalley Month with Books, Biscuits & Tea. How many books will you read?

Vicky of Books, Biscuits & Tea had this magnificent idea to see how many of our NetGalley ARC's we could read between now and December 31st.

Here are the rules:
 Netgalley Month runs until December 31
 Our aim is to read as many Netgalley books as we can in order to get ourselves through our TBR piles
 Make your own blog post about the event and sign up at books, biscuits & tea , so that we know who participates :)

 If you have Twitter, feel free to use the hashtag #NetGalleymonth when you update your status 
❄ Vicky will make a linky at the end of the month where you can list all your reviews you managed to post in December so that everyone can read them :)❄ You can read as many books you like, as long as it's from Netgalley

OK so I have 26 books in my NetGalley list to read. I will be adding the link to the review of the books I am going to read as I add them to this blog and  I will be aiming to read these 15 book in that time.

                                                             OK wish me luck!

Books Finished and reviewed:

Artistic Appeal by Andrew Grey

The Edge of Survival by Toni Anderson

Shot in the Dark

Pulled Long

Sauntering Vaguely Downward

Franky Gets Real

Dawn in the Orchard.

Love turns the Page

Next of kin.

10 Icebound

11 Cop Out

12 Tool Belt Defender